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Gay Alien Momma

Hi I am Gizzle and this is my art blog~

I write and draw the webcomic Star Trip, a sci-fi dealie about a girl and her alien companion travelling the galaxy, that updates Mondays,Wednesday, and Fridays.

This blog will have stuff from my webcomic, miscellaneous drawings, and (lots of) fanart.

My Portfolio
Oct 19 '14

pencils from Barriss’ backstory. there’s a lot of crying in this one.

Oct 19 '14

Inktober week 3

Oct 17 '14

Inktober week 2

Oct 17 '14
Oct 15 '14

itisntrocketscience asked:

idk if it matters to you but you've got a typo on the most recent page of star trip, it says "I'm won't" instead of "I won't" in the second panel

OH!! Thank you for catching that! I’ll have it fixed up in a bit!

Oct 15 '14

amazing-idea asked:

LOL OMG LOL. I just love what Jas trying kiss her and she like "WTF" and Jas is like "I-I I thought we going to make out"that was funnyLOL.You know what I'm trying to Imagine that Jas as Ahsoka trying kiss Barriss and now that's is amazing. I just love your ideas is fucking awesome, ha ha ha.

haha yeah that’s great PLEASE REFER TO KHUT AS “THEY” THO!!!

Oct 15 '14
Oct 14 '14

some more pencil previews! had to take a crash course on how to draw Anakin and these other dudes lol all i like to draw are not-guys.

Oct 13 '14

fictional01 answered your post: I’m feeling kinda thankful and giving …

Oh no I am sad I saw this a day later. ;o;

Sorry friend (ÓnÒ)

I’ll do this again in the winter holidays so hold out till then

Oct 13 '14

Lookit all them requests! Thanks so much everyone! This was really fun!

Requests are closed now but idk maybe I’ll do this again come Christmas or something!

Oct 13 '14
Oct 12 '14

I’m feeling kinda thankful and giving today so if any of y’all have drawing requests i’ll sketch out and ink a few things in my sketchbook and post em here sometime tonight or tomorrow. Only gonna do 10 tho and i reserve the right not to draw NSFW stuff.

So what have ya got for me?

Oct 12 '14

Some sketchers from twitter. Bought a bunch of refills for my brush pen and have been using it a lot!

Oct 10 '14
Oct 9 '14

Some misc drawings done with the brush pen and some copics. Not inktober related.